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Chinese New Year Specials

a bowl of food on a plate


Lunar New Year is coming soon and we have many specials to share with you! 

We have already sold out, but we are excited that many of our customers will be able to enjoy our specially curated "Poon Choi" with the most premium ingredients to start the Year of the Golden Ox off right! Filled to the brim with yummy goodies, heat this traditional pot for a warm comfort meal at home. 

This year will be very different, as many families will not get to have large gatherings, but we hope to still bring joy to many families with our traditional Chinese New Year offerings. Our Lunar New Year Prosperity Toss Salad is traditionally made with salmon sashimi, but we have also created a chicken version. Remember, the higher you toss the ingredients, the greater fortune in the new year! 

We have four kinds of whole cakes including Turnip Cake, Osmanthus Water Chestnut, Sticky Rice "Year Cake" and another one with dried fruit and nuts. The last one is probably unlike anything you've had before. Try them all for $80! 

Finally, our House X.O. Chili Sauce is a already a household staple, so don't forget to put some in your shopping cart!